Get rewarded... Become a member of the 'TOP Club'

Our loyal customers who love to buy Australia's best organic and natural health and beauty products, sourced from boutique brands around Australia get rewarded every time they buy from us! Basically, the more you spend, the more rewards you earn! Every purchase earns you points, and we will give you coupons to spend on lots of cool stuff like discounts, free products, free shipping. We also give you the chance to earn bonus points when we feel like it.

Club membership is very simple:
- you need to have an account with us - which is really easy to setup on our website,
- each time you spend over $50 in one order, you will accrue points,
- you will earn points when you join, when you purchase stuff, when you refer your friends, when you like us on social media, and when we decide to give bonus points,
- your points will never, ever expire,
- you can spend your rewards on discounts, free products and free shipping,
- you can remain a TOP Club member for forever, or until you get sick of us.
If you really like reading the blah blah blah stuff, then click here and you can read all the terms and conditions blather that lawyers love!

That's it!