Vanessa Megan


Vanessa Megan is an aspiring and passionate company, expanding quickly. Our rapidly growing customer base is the heart and soul of our business. Our work is rewarded by our customers visible skin results after using our luxurious, scientifically proven, eco-friendly, natural & organic skin care products.Vanessa Gray is the Founder & Director of 'Vanessa Megan' – an Australian natural and organic skincare company. We love our products and we care about our customers, so every day we educate more and more people across the country and around the world about what they can do to have healthy, beautiful skin. Your skin is the largest organ of your body and taking care of it helps to keep the rest of you healthy too. Remember, your skin is permeable, so whatever you put on your skin can enter your body, and we firmly believe that natural, non-industrial ingredients are very important for your health.

  • We only use the finest quality natural & organic ingredients.
  • Our packaging is designed to minimise waste and is 100% recyclable
  • We are certified Cruelty Free. Our friends, families and ourselves are the ONLY animals our products are ever tested on. 
  • We are proud to manufacture our products by hand in Australia.
  • We work with our entire supply chain in order to gain mutual benefits of incorporating environmentally sustainable goals into everyday business and to reduce our carbon footprint in every area of our company.

Natural skincare is the future. We want you to experience the difference when you use the Vanessa Megan range.

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