Surface Skincare


Araya, founder of SURFACE SKINCARE , had a joyous childhood set in a lush Thai environment. With unprocessed, organic food available every day, she learned the healing power of eating organic fresh produce. Over the years she also learned the benefits of spiritual practice and meditative time for yourself. Araya graduated from one of Thailand’s best business universities with a dream of sharing the benefits of organic living and wellbeing. She went on to obtain her advance programme of Health, Wellness and Holistic Therapy from Chiva-Som Academy, giving her a practical understanding of anatomy, the mind and spirit. It was a complete view – from the inside out. In 2006, she moved to Australia and carried on her qualifications in wellbeing, spa and beauty therapy and a business degree in Marketing. After discovering Australia was one of the best countries for access to diverse organic food, herbs and other fresh ingredients, she knew it was time to realise her dream!

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