Rasasara SkinFood

‘Rasasara’ is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘the skin’. The brand stands by the idea that you should never put on your skin what you cannot eat. This is why founder, Sonia Lloyd, developed a 100% natural and edible skinfood range, which makes use of Certified Organic and wild-crafted herbs wherever possible. 

All Rasasara products are handcrafted in Surrey Hills, Victoria, by their founder Sonia Lloyd, who after directly experiencing the beneficial results of Ayurvedic preparations to cure her own skin (over 18 years ago) began offering handmade, organic, Ayurvedic formulations to others who had tried pharmaceutical or natural formulations without success to balance or heal their skin. Consistently skin problems were resolved, using only natural & minimal ingredient formulations combined with an understanding of their constitutional body & skin type.

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