Purity Organics


Purity Organics was founded by Gwendy Lawrence. As a Naturopath of over a decade, with a dissertation on Toxic Chemicals in Cosmetics & Personal Care Products and their effect on Human Health, and a mother of three that has always treated skin allergies naturally with her own remedies,  Gwendy decided that she wanted to make a change. "I was inspired by my experiences, the knowledge I have gathered over the years, and the growing need for products that are truly considered. Not only considered for the skin, but for the world around us and those that can't have life's little luxuries. The passion to share my knowledge by bringing to the market a quality, artisan skin care range utilizing only the purest organic ingredients that would not only benefit the skin but would also have a positive impact on the community around me. And so, Purity Organics was born....beauty with a conscience".


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