Musq Cosmetics


Musq is an Australian made and owned, natural make-up and skincare company. They pride themselves in their commitment to provide their customers with natural and ethical cosmetics that are constructive in its effects on skin, health and the environment. Musq is all about going back to basics and nature and providing simple makeup and skin care that fits our hectic lifestyles, allowing women and men to be and look themselves with a little extra confidence. Musq has a "sport luxe" feel that is timeless in nature and promotes healthy lifestyle choices which ultimately will result in healthy skin. This reflects our clientele who are health conscious, independent, strong, fit, adventurous, modern, stylish and ethically aware. The Musq customer is continuously eager to explore, learn and develop and we want to join the journey with you! Musq focuses on result driven makeup and skincare, boasting a legion of devoted fans. Musq understands that we are all different and thats what makes us all unique and beautiful. Musq is all about giving you the tools to create a look that works for YOU without complex rules and rituals. It is simple routine that uses real ingredients for real results so that you can go out and live life!

NO Petrochemicals, Nanoparticles, Parabens, Talc, Fillers, Carmine, Bismuth oxychloride!
NOT tested on animals!
IS Natural, Vegan, Gluten Free, PETA & Choose Cruelty Free accredited, Truth In Labelling accredited.

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