"Miód, a Polish word meaning honey, represents my philosophy and what I aim to achieve in the products make. 
The honey bee works together with the environment which provides her with food, pollinating flowers in exchange
for nectar, while the honey she makes is healthy and natural with many healing and medicinal properties; enriching and sustaining.  With Miód Natural Skincare I share with you my passion to create products which feed and nourish the skin, and which respect the environment from which they come." 

                                                                                                             -  Anna  
                                                                                                                Founder of Miód Natural Skincare


Miód Natural Skincare was started because of our desire for good health, our love of nature and the need for a simpler, more natural life. It is centred on the belief that simplifying and going back to basics is better for our health, as well as being kinder to the environment. We only use a small number of carefully selected natural ingredients to create truly honest products which feed and nourish the skin. We hand make our products in small quantities to guarantee the freshness, the pureness and the quality. Our products are nutrient dense, local sourced and kind to the environment. 

When you use Miód products you can be sure that you are using a product which is:

- 100% natural
- Full of vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids
- Not tested on animals. Miód is accredited by Choose Cruelty Free.
- Made in Australia
- Hand made in small batches to ensure highest quality and freshness
- Made with care of impact on the wider community
- In recyclable packaging
- Free from palm oil

- Free from mineral oils, artificial colours and fragrances, artificial preservatives or any other chemicals
- Free from GMOs (Genetically modified organisms)

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