Kelapa Organics


Kelapa Organics grew out of a passion to provide high quality, gentle and natural skin care products for those who seek to avoid harsh chemical additives. Nature has provided us with a wealth of beautifully gentle and nourishing oils, and it’s these we base our products on. Organic Coconut Oil, a major active ingredient across our range, is one of the best gifts you can give to your skin. Kelapa Organics was founded early 2012 but the research and development has been going on for many years. When relatives and family friends were suffering from extremely sensitive skin and dermatitis the challenge was to find suitable ingredients not only natural and extremely gentle, but highly emollient, soothing and protective. With further research we discovered that organic coconut oil possessed all of these wonderful qualities and began to incorporate this into our range. The results to date have been amazing and Kelapa Organics was born. In a world of chemical additives, artificial ingredients and over processing of our foods, it is refreshing and healthy to go back to nature for our health solutions. Our goal at Kelapa Organics is to bring you a high quality skin care range, as natural as possible, with all the benefits of Certified Organic Coconut Oil and other natural ingredients.

South Korean customers please note that we are not able to ship Kelapa Organics products to South Korea under the terms of our supplier agreement. If you inadvertently purchase any Kelapa products we will have to refund the purchase price to you.

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