Haircare - Shampoo

No one wants to have a bad hair day! That is why here at The Organic Project we offer a unique collection of the latest and emerging natural and organic hair care products from boutique Australian suppliers.

Our natural and organic hair products cater to all hair types. Whether your hair is naturally straight and lifeless, frizzy and wild or curly and chaotic our natural and organic hair care products aim to maximise your look and help promote your confidence.

Your natural hair is on display every day, so your daily routine means everything. Whether your routine includes a simple shampoo and condition or extends to a hair mask, detoxification and revitalisation we offer an array of organic and natural hair products to suit your needs and desires. The natural and organic hair care found at TOP ranges from vegan and gl­­uten-free to sulphate-free, detergent-free and paraben-free. Be assured you are absorbing only the safest and most natural ingredients when using natural hair products purchased from The Organic Project.

Make today a great hair day!