Erica Brooke Skincare

It all started in 2006 with a homemade hand scrub to heal my barista hands, I had tried everything and nothing was working so I decided that I would have to make something myself and to my delight it happened to work incredibly well. The joy I got out of making that little scrub has now turned into lifelong passion about all things natural and organic regarding skin care. I'm constantly learning, researching ingredients and on the lookout for new ideas.

    This is what Erica Brooke Skincare believes in and stands for:

    • Beautiful and truly natural skin care should not contain things like, parabens, sls, slse, propylene glycol,  phthalates, fragrance, harsh alcohols or GMO's.
    • We believe in keeping packaging to a minimum and that recycling is a must.
    • Unrefined and organic ingredients are best and will always be used when available.
    • Being open and honest to our customers.
    • Multi use products are the best kind of products.
    • I believe in treating the ingredients with respect and getting the most out of them.

    All these things shine through in my product range.

      I'm so glad you're able to experience these beautiful products, I hope you get as much joy out of using them as I had creating them for you.

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