Adorn Cosmetics

Briony Kennedy, Adorn Cosmetics founder is a ten year veteran of the beauty industry, former beauty salon owner, make-up artist and former model. Her time in the industry has exposed her hundreds of women and even more products. Passionate about both 'inner and outer' beauty, Briony believes that cosmetics and skin care must not only offer the very best toxic free ingredients that nature can provide BUT must also work in harmony together - with minimal impact on the environment or our skins health.

 The birth of her twin boys in 2008 finally fuelled Briony’s passion to launch an Accredited, Australian, Non-Toxic, Pure Mineral and Organic, Earth-Friendly - Healthier Choice cosmetic brand. Briony created Adorn Cosmetics for women just like  her that want a healthier, natural cosmetics range BUT without compromising on either results or their skin's health and that offers a superior product. Adorn Cosmetics launched online in September 2009 and has quickly developed a legion of devotees around the globe.

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